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Cheeky P's Roasted Chickpeas Review

Cheeky P's Roasted Chickpeas Review

Written by Oliver Coningham on 27 March 2018 in Food Pairing, Beer Snacks

Choosing the perfect vegan snack to accompany your beer used to quite a simple procedure with the choice often limited between Ready Salted or Salt & Vinegar. Times are rapidly changing and the options available are now seemingly unlimited... From vegan chorizo made with brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes to sour cream and chive quinoa chips. The range of vegan snacks currently on the market is nearly as diverse as the range of beer styles.

New to the vegan snack scene are Cheeky P's; flavoured roasted chickpeas that are high in protein, high in fibre and 100% vegan-friendly. Currently available in two deliciously moreish flavours, either curry or black pepper.

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