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St Austell Brewery Tour

St Austell Brewery Tour

Written by Oliver Coningham on 13 July 2017 in Brewery Tour

Visiting St Austell Brewery was a reminder that the beer we enjoy is often less to do with what ends up in our glass and more to do with how it arrived there. Wine experts will talk of 'terroir', the geographical and climatic conditions that influence the wine's character. Crucially what it misses is something else that has an equally important impact on the finished product: the people.

St Austell Brewery is a place where the arteries of its operation are clearly visible for all to see. From the attentive welcome we received upon arrival from Pippa who enthusiastically showed us around the key areas of the new Visitor Centre, to the chef at the Hick's Bar who quickly and confidently came out and assembled a vegan-friendly lunch from the various items on the menu.

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