Cheeky P's Roasted Chickpeas Review

Cheeky P's Roasted Chickpeas Review

Written by Oliver Coningham on 27 March 2018 in Food Pairing, Beer Snacks

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Choosing the perfect vegan snack to accompany your beer used to quite a simple procedure with the choice often limited between Ready Salted or Salt & Vinegar. Times are rapidly changing and the options available are now seemingly unlimited... From vegan chorizo made with brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes to sour cream and chive quinoa chips. The range of vegan snacks currently on the market is nearly as diverse as the range of beer styles.

New to the vegan snack scene are Cheeky P's; flavoured roasted chickpeas that are high in protein, high in fibre and 100% vegan-friendly. Currently available in two deliciously moreish flavours, either curry or black pepper.

The packaging of Cheeky P's is bright, bold and attractive with quirky chickpea illustrations adorning the packets. It's great to see The Vegan Society accreditation logo clearly displayed on the front making them easy to identify on the shelves.

Cheeky P's Black Pepper Flavour Roasted Chickpeas and Magic Rock Dancing Bear Lager

Cheeky P's Curry Flavour Roasted Chickpeas achieve that fine balance of being fragrant and flavourful, but not falling off the chart in terms of spice intensity. With each mouthful - and believe me, you do get mouthful after mouthful with each packet containing 50g of chickpeas - the intensity of warming Indian spices slowly increases. What stood out most about these was how crunchy the chickpeas were. As anyone who has attempted to make roasted chickpeas themselves will know, they quickly go soft if you don't eat them quick enough.

It's easy to find a suitable beer pairing for this mildly spicy flavour of Cheeky P's. Either an American Pale Ale or IPA that isn't too aggressively hopped, but still displays some tropical fruit character is ideal. Fourpure's Session IPA fits this description nicely as the fruity mango, peach and pineapple flavours offer a faultless counterpoint to the warming spices in the roasted chickpeas.

Cheeky P's Black Pepper Flavour Roasted Chickpeas Ingredients

Cheeky P's Black Pepper Flavour Roasted Chickpeas present a slightly similar aromatic taste with the inclusion of black pepper heating the back of your tongue. Unlike the gradual build of heat in the Curry Flavour Roasted Chickpeas, the black pepper gives sporadic bursts of warmth. It's a condiment that fully complements the earthy, savoury chickpeas.

Magic Rock's latest addition to their core range of beers is Dancing Bear, a 4.5% German Lager that is a sublime partner to the Black Pepper Flavour Roasted Chickpeas. There's a beautiful form of alchemy that occurs when enjoying the two together. The beer is characteristically herbal and earthy with notes of zesty citrus peel that balance the black pepper. Coupled with the stronger carbonation that lifts away the mouth coating chickpeas, it's a flawless combination.

The only minor criticism would be the use of palm oil in their production. When questioned about its use, Cheeky P's responded: "The reason we've used palm oil is due to a longer shelf life as it is a more stable oil. We've tried with different types of oil but the quality of the product wasn't guaranteed for a long period. We understand the need for sustainability and our products are all using RSPO sustainable palm oil."

Cheeky P's are a welcome extension to the growing range of vegan-friendly snacks, especially those that find a partner in beer. Both flavours are interesting, yet remain accessible to those looking for something new. Above all, the two things that stand out most are how crunchy the chickpeas are and how filling a single packet is.

Disclaimer: Cheeky P's kindly sent me a selection of their roasted chickpea snacks to review. I do not believe their generosity influenced my opinions of the snacks that they produce.


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