Vegan Beer Christmas Gift Ideas

Vegan Beer Christmas Gift Ideas

Written by Oliver Coningham on 27 November 2017 in Seasonal Drinks, Vegan Beer

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With the evenings now much darker and the mornings colder, the feeling of Christmas getting closer and closer is palpable. Shop windows bursting with festive paraphernalia where shimmering baubles hang from snow covered trees and model trains whizz around beneath. The stars in the night sky complemented by their celestial counterparts on the ground; brightly coloured, flickering lights adorn windows, doors and gardens.

As the days count down it's time to start writing your Christmas list or perhaps think about what to get your partner, family member or friend as a gift this year.

It can be difficult to buy beer as a present or have it bought for you when the lack of clear vegan labelling can make shopping quite a challenge. Thankfully below is a list of some of the finest vegan beer Christmas gifts available.

Brass Castle Crowler Club Gift Pack Membership

Brass Castle Crowler Club Gift Pack Membership (£50.00)

Brass Castle Brewery now based in Malton, Yorkshire began life in a garage on Brass Castle Hill in Pocklington back in 2011. They're a vegan-friendly brewery producing a diverse range of beer styles from their popular Bad Kitty - a vanilla porter - to their Munich-style Helles Lager. The Crowler Club was successfully crowdfunded in May 2017 allowing 1.67 pints of freshly-poured beer to be sealed in a large can (known as a crowler) and delivered direct from the Brass Castle Taphouse. Brass Castle's Crowler Club Gift Pack Membership gives the recipient one year's full membership of the Crowler Club, complete with a gift pack of three filled crowlers.

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Honest Brew Vegan Beers - 12 Beer Mixed Case

Honest Brew Vegan Beers - 12 Beer Mixed Case (£30.50)

HonestBrew not only offer box subscriptions, but also have a well stocked online shop featuring the latest beer releases. They have recently launched their admirable Investment Fund in an effort to support independent UK breweries. Unfortunately there isn't a vegan beer subscription box just yet, however HonestBrew were the first online retailer to offer a mixed case of vegan beers. Expect to find 12 quality vegan-friendly brews from the likes of Cloudwater, Wild Beer, Lost & Grounded and many more...

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Hoppily Vegan Beer Box - 8 Beers

Hoppily Vegan Beer Box - 8 Beers (£25)

Hoppily are on a mission to bring the finest craft beers from local, independent brewers to discerning beer-lovers, in addition to introducing people to the delights of craft beer. They offer two types of craft beer subscription boxes which again, sadly are not vegan-friendly. Thankfully they also have a gift shop in which you'll find their Vegan Special Box containing 8 of the best vegan beers brewed in London and Essex. In the box are beers from breweries including Orbit, Wild Card, Redchurch and many others.

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BrewDog Elvis Juice Combo Case

BrewDog Elvis Juice Combo Case (£26)

BrewDog are no strangers to controversy and have in the past upset the vegan community. However, there is no denying the great work they have done for introducing people to well made, flavourful beer that is accessible to everyone; from supermarkets to travellers on EasyJet flights. The majority of their beers are also registered with The Vegan Society making it that much easier to find vegan friendly beer when you're out and about. Elvis Juice is brewed with pithy grapefruit peel and this combo case includes 3 bottles, a stemmed 2/3 schooner glass and Elvis Juice branded T-Shirt in your choice of size.

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EeBria Gift Voucher

EeBria Gift Voucher (£5-£100)

EeBria is different to other online beer retailers, acting as a marketplace for some of the best UK producers allowing the customer to buy directly from the finest breweries around the country. Not only do they stock beers from some of the more well-known vegan-friendly breweries including Brass Castle, Moor Beer and Twisted Barrel, they also clearly indicate when a beer on the website is suitable for vegans. With so much choice available, a voucher is the ideal gift allowing the recipient to choose their own beers from the wide range.

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Honest Brew Beavertown Gamma Ray Howler

Honest Brew Beavertown Gamma Ray Howler (£7.50)

HonestBrew's exclusive Howlers are a convenient way to enjoy three cans of the freshest craft beer delivered to your door in a stylish and well designed cardboard tube. The resulting package is incredibly portable and makes a wonderful gift. You can also order as many Howlers as you like and pay only £3.49 postage within the UK. This particular Howler features Beavertown's vegan-friendly flagship American Pale Ale. Gamma Ray is filled with juicy malts and fruity tropical aromas of sweet mango and zesty grapefruit.

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St Austell Brewery Personalised Beer Bottle

St Austell Brewery Personalised Beer Bottle (£9.99)

Most people will be familiar with St Austell's range of exceptional beers; from Korev their crisp Cornish Lager, to Proper Job, a powerfully hopped Cornish IPA. St Austell bottled, canned and kegged beers are all clarified by filtration and are therefore vegan-friendly. For an exclusive Christmas gift you can design your own personal beer bottle label. Choose either a 500ml bottle of Tribute or Proper Job and then personalise the label with your particular message changing each section of text making it unique to you.

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Fuller's London Porter Gift Set

Fuller's London Porter Gift Set (£6.00)

Fuller's bottled, canned and kegged beers (with the exception of Organic Honey Dew) are mechanically filtered thus avoiding the use of isinglass and rendering them suitable for vegans. Their wide range of beers includes the toasty Black Cab Stout and traditional ESB. Fuller's London Porter is everything you could wish for from a porter. Reminiscent of a bar of fruit and nut chocolate with an aroma packed with toffee, milk chocolate, raisins and a touch of wood smoke. This gift set includes a 500ml bottle and beautifully branded pint glass.

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